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Nina Meyerhof

Recognized as a visionary thought leader in the field of authentic education, I have have pioneered spiritual activism for young people around the world touching into 100 countries and reaching thousands of young people , co-authoring books such as "Conscious Education" and "Pioneering Spiritual Activism" and orchestrating workshop trainings and presentations for youth and adults.

For my work I have received numerous awards from the Mother Theresa Award to the State of VT creating a Resolution for Peace in my honor to a Lifetime Achievement Award from JAIGLS and others.

My credo, I advocate for all people to go beyond individual cultural, religious, ethnic and sexual preference differences and to explore our common humanity. Peace comes from recognizing our interwoven unity thus my latest focus is on creating "One Humanity Institute-a City of Hope in Auschwitz-Oswieicm, Poland" , as moving from the Hate of the past int a brighter future with HOPE for actions that benefit all .

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