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Adrian Iacobus

Adrian is a member of the core team of the Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence. He consults with C-suite executives of large, complex orgs of 1000’s of professionals in private and public sectors in Romania, throughout Europe and North America. He leads empowering, irreversibly transformative experiences, such as walking through fire together - creating a viral positive effect on the culture. Adrian also catalyzes co-creative multi-stakeholder processes for social causes such as raising funds for children with cancer, using Systemic Constellations and Holarchy tools.

Adrian is passionate about the omnipresence of the fractal geometry and fascinated by the Moebius strip and the Klein bottle topologies (MC Escher, Jacques Lacan) and their relevance in mapping out the emergence of a new global governance paradigm, involving topics related to secrecy, security, privacy and transparency.

Adrian is a deeply present and flexible leader, always ready with a wise or funny insight or a movie analogy to illustrate the pertinent concepts to the group’s development. The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence serves the emergence of heart-centered governance. Our gift is strategically connecting and catalysing visionary local initiatives with the greater movement of global transformation toward humanity thriving in
Life and Love.

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