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Dana Wright-Wasson

As founder of Take Action Inc., Dana Wright-Wasson is a recognized speaker, author, and facilitator who leads clients through transformational processes around employee engagement, strategic planning, and leadership.

As a recognized leader in employee experience and engagement, Dana is passionate about creating amazing employee experiences; she wholeheartedly believes that engagement is a workplace outcome—an effect of the way people are treated in organizations. Dana uses graphics and visual templates to help teams see their thinking, increase participation, and inspire people to act. She is passionate about the power of visuals to help groups stay focused, have a voice, feel included in discussions, and help bring clarity to events and actions.

Dana is the author of three books: Talk the Walk, We’ve Got to START Meeting Like This, and To Meet or NOT To Meet. She also wrote 3 chapters for the book, The World of Visual Facilitation. Dana has a B.A. from UC San Diego, an M.S. in Organization Development from the University of San Francisco, and is a certified coach through Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

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